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Amanes and its orchestras - Akis Pitsanis
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Dates: July 7 - 13
Lesson timetable: 11:00 - 15:00 (total of 21 hours per participant)

Structure of the vocal course and study of the orchestras by category/style
Amanes is a music genre integrated in the greek rebetiko era. It constitutes a vocal improvisation and it takes place in the earliest decades of 20th century discography. There is no established teaching method for amanes, hence we adopt elements of makam theory which are used as tools.
In this seminar, students will be taught the techniques of the most important amane singers (gramophone recordings). The musicians who accompanied the amane singers, recorded a variety of compositions, which are divided into two categories depending on stylization: 1) a la franca and 2) a la turka. The class refers to individuals who are singing and/or playing a musical instrument. To provide the best experience, the first 4 days students will be separated in two groups, vocal and instrumental. For the last 3 days, a combination of the teams will form the end result. Musicians of any level are welcomed.
Akis Pitsanis was born in Northwest Greece, Kastoria. At the early age of 7 he had the first contact with music experience. During the teenage years he created his own rock/metal bands playing the drums and later the guitar. The band named "TELMA" recorded one album with the the synonym title. He studied luthiery in Kastoria and musicology in the university of Arta (department of popular and traditional music). He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer of rebetiko/traditional music since 2003. He teaches vocal technique, violin and guitar. He has also been a teacher of cretan lyra in the music highschool in Chania-Crete during the year 2020-2021. He has collaborated on several albums of important artists in Greek discography.

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