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Musical Yards

Musical Yards is a long-lasting musical seminar which is organized in Raches, Ikaria, every summer, and already this July 2020 it is going to complete eight years of operation.

The epicenter of the seminar is the large courtyard of Agios Ioannis, a chapel located in a countryside location very close to the village of Christos, while many of the courses and workshops of the Seminar are hosted and take place in the yards of the family homes of the valley around the chapel - hence the name ‘Musical Yards’.

The Musical Yards are being prepared and organized annually without assignments and without sponsors, solely thanks to the personal work of the members of the Citizens’ Movement of Raches Ikaria, following joint decisions taken in regular meetings throughout the months before the event.

The motivating force of the seminar is the love for music, as well as the eagerness to communicate with other people from Greece and the rest of the world who want to get together and play music, expand their knowledge and share their experiences in this art.

This was how Musical Yards started eight years ago, at the beginning with only three musical workshops, while the first students were mainly members of the Citizens’ Movement and some other Ikarians who played a musical instrument.

Focusing always on Εastern Traditional Music, since then, the music seminar of Ikaria has grown, spread roots and matured thanks to the participation of many students from Greece and abroad, as well as the unwavering, warm support of great teachers.

This year the Musical Seminar of Ikaria hosts at least 15 music workshops.

Musical Yards

Address: Ai Giannis, Christos Rachon Ikaria, Postal code 83301

Telephone contacts:

Giorgos Kattes 6976 948982   Efi Kalokairinou 6982 779661   Stavros Karnakis 6984 733455
Giorgos Malahias 6940 553781  /  Lefteris Chrisogelos 6978 737696   Wim De Weerdt 6944 979413

email: info@musicalyards.gr


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