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Wind instrument ensemble: From the Balkans to Egypt - Fausto Sierakowski
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Dates: July 5 - 11
Lesson timetable: 11:00 - 14:00 (total of 21 hours)

Once inexistent in the Eastern World, western instruments such as Clarinet, Trumpet, Accordion, Saxophone etc have made their way in traditional musics from the Balkans, Greece and the Middle-East.

Some of these traditions are well-known, such as Balkan Brass Bands and the Greek and Turkish Clarinet, but others are awaiting to be explored.

Together we will learn how our wind instruments can play virtually any eastern tradition, as long as we carefully learn each specific musical language and use that knowledge to overcome the technical obstacles.

From Serbian Čoček to Egyptian Çiftetelli, from Rebetiko to Syrta Makedonias, we’ll learn traditional pieces, put together new arrangements and create a groovy and colourful dancing band.

In parallel, we will learn about improvising in eastern modal music, taking as a guide the Turkish Makam System.

The seminar is for all kinds of wind instruments, but also for accordion, percussion, etc.
* This lesson will be taught both in Greek and English.
Fausto Sierakowski was born in 1988 in Paris and grew up in Rome, Italy.

He graduated in classical saxophone from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory (Rome, Italy), under the direction of Alfredo Santoloci in 2009.

In 2012 he obtained a Masters Degree in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory (Boston USA), under the direction of Anthony Coleman, Hankus Netsky and Frank Carlberg.

In 2016 he moved to Greece to study Ottoman Classical music with Evgenios Voulgaris.

He has performed in Europe, USA, Canada and India, with a vast array of international musicians: Evgenios Voulgaris, Harris Lambrakis, Hayden Chisholm, Axel Dörner, Frank London, Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, Matt Moran, Thymios Atzakas, Yiannis Dionysiou, Slavic Soul Party, Lost Cities Ensemble.

His current projects include: Fausto Sierakowski Trio (with Panagiotis Kaitatzis, oud, and Stratis Skourkeas, percussions) and People of the Wind (with James Wylie, saxophone and Alexandros Rizopoulos, Percussions).
As an educator, he has taught at the CNSMDP (Paris), Hfm Hanns Eisler (Berlin) as well as given workshops in Greece (Labyrinth, Music Village), Cyprus and Italy.

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