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Chaos - Saos - Faos - Michalis Siganidis
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Dates: July 5 - 11

Lesson timetable: 11:00 - 14:00 (total of 21 hours)

Self-referential workshop of creative listening and decomposition of sound stereotypes, mostly for musicians, singers, actors / actresses with the purpose to create a "group of sound synapses". Bring your computers and instruments. There will be recordings of spontaneous music (mort subite). Film screenings. Discussions.

Through the symbiosis of a week, the composer, lyricist, improviser and performer Michalis Siganidis, aspires to collaborate on the axis called "doo/fio" (sound recordings and fiction).

* This lesson will be taught primarily in Greek. Terminology will be explained in other languages as well, according to the teacher’s disposal.

Full interpretation will not be provided.

Michalis Siganidis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1958 and studied at the National Conservatory of Thessaloniki. He plays the double bass, a five - string guitar,  composes music and writes lyrics for imaginary, as well as, for real movies and theatrical plays that can be heard in the records:  Brother Junior / Morning and Evening /  The Phantom - train,  a Friend / Adds / Basseclasse / Sabbath Lift / Gli Altri / 97% /Gra-Grou/ ΕΤΙΚΑΙΕΤΙΚΑΙΤΗΚΑΙΤΗ. He performs his music live with the group "Lambrakis Complex". He is a life member of the well known greek groups "Winter Swimmers" and "Primavera en Salonico".

Arrangements: Trackers of Jura, songs of the Hebrides and The Sun and the Moon, songs of Samothrace.

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