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Violin - Kyriakos Gkouventas (full)
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Dates: July 8-12

The subject of our course will be the balos and syrtos dances of the Aegean islands, as well as the techniques of playing the traditional violin through the repertoire of the recordings of the last century, from 1911 to our days.

Studying and playing the violin constitutes a lifelong and time-consuming process of self-improvement which intends to the combination of particular skills required when studying or playing this instrument.

This summer, we are going to deal with the organization and acquisition of the appropriate technique when it comes to the realization of our personal ideas in music. It will be through the Greek violin repertoire, as well as the history of the Greek violin and its representatives, that we are going to analyze and study the phenomena which lead us to distinguish between the various regional styles and violin schools in general.

Our technique, rhythm, improvisation, ''know-how'', sense of harmony and width of repertoire of both known and unknown composers are going to be our tools in order to achieve this goal.



He was born in Thessaloniki in 1966 and started studying music at the age of 12. He completed his studies on the violin and music theory in 1991 (Conservatory of Northern Greece) and, at the same time, he obtained his L.R.M.S. of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Since 1989, he has been teaching in various conservatories and music institutions. He is also a member of the teaching staff in the Department of Traditional Music of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. Since 2005, he has been teaching the folk violin, while he is also the coordinator of an ensemble in the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia. His constant self-improvement, not only on the violin syllabus itself but also on his teaching approach to it, has constituted the main reason why the S.O.A.S. school (School of Asian and African Musical Studies) of the London University invited him as a tutor for a seminar and a workshop. Meanwhile, he participated in the concert Genius of the Violin, along with violinists from all over the world, as an ideal representative of the particularity of the Greek violin. Moreover, Kyriakos was also a teacher at the Violin Festival in Ile de France, in Paris, where he also participated as a performer. His regular teaching and performing contributions have given him the opportunity to constantly express his musical opinion, both in larger and smaller music ensembles. Violin students approach him in order to improve their personal performance style, their development as musicians, as well as their technical training on the Greek folk violin. For more than 20 years, Kyriakos has worked with the most delicate recipients, actors and factors of the Greek popular, folk and traditional music in a number of concerts, shows and performances worldwide, while releasing more than 150 albums.

His collaborations:

* as a performer and soloist in chamber music and symphonic orchestras (Musical Ensemble Manos Hadjidakis, Kamerata, Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra, State Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki)
* with traditional music ensembles (Greek Music Archive Orchestra, Chronis Aidonidis Orchestra, Domna Samiou Orchestra and many more)
* with numerous songwriters and composers (Mikis Theodorakis, Yannis Markopoulos, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Christos Nikolopoulos, Nikos Kipourgos, Dionisis Savvopoulos, Sokratis Malamas, Maria Thoidou, Nikos Yeorgakis, Nikos Papazoglou, Pandelis Thalassinos, Vaggelis Kazoulis, Manolis Famelos, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Petros Doudoubakis, Loudovikos ton Anogion, Lavrentis Machairitsas, Nikos Portokaloglou, Nikos Xydakis and many more)
* with many popular singers and musicians who represent the particularity of each and every region of Greece.

Last but not least, he has worked on the redaction of many record and paper publications of the Greek Music Archive. He is also a steady member of the critically-acclaimed Primavera in Salonico ensemble, with Savina Yannatou, and a founding member of the Estudiantena of Nea Ionia.

He has been teaching the Greek folk violin for twenty years in in many institutes both in Greece and abroad. He has teaching experience at the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, the University of Macedonia and the Athens Conservatoire. He has participated as a teacher at the summer seminars of Agios Lavrentios, Syros, Tzoumerka and Ikaria.

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