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Traditional song - Maria Koti (Full)
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Dates: 9-15 July

From Smyrna (Izmir), the coasts of Asia Minor and the islands of Eastern Aegean Sea to the port of Piraeus and the urban areas of northern Crete, we will follow the steps of the mikrasiatiko song from its origins in Asia Minor to the musicians and composers who arrived as refugees to Athens and the northern coasts of Crete and who, along with the local musicians, eventually created the urban type of song called rebetiko.

We will also take account of the coexistence of the Smyrna style of song (smirneiko) with the school of Piraeus, the mutual influences and their differences, the musical styles and idioms of rebetiko from the mid-war decades to the early post-war laiko song.

In the workshop we will study a repertoire from the whole spectrum of this large urban tradition, we will follow the journey of certain songs from one place to another and see their variations, we will travel from the traditional folk songs of Smyrna to the compositions of great musicians from Asia Minor, such as Panagiotis Tountas, Asikis, Skarvelis, etc., with particular reference to the great singers who brought out the best of the above composers in the discography of that time, such as Rosa Eskenazi, Rita Abatzi, Marika Politissa, Antonis Diamantidis (Dagas), Kostas Roukounas (Samiotakis), Giorgos Kavouras, Stellakis Perpiniadis, etc., as well as the most important creators of the school of Piraeus, such as Markos Vamvakaris and “the Big Four of Piraeus”, Vangelis Papazoglou, Giovan Tsaous, Papaioannou, etc. Finally, we will also study Tsitsanis and the early post-war laiko song with characteristic composers of the time such as Tzouanakos, Tatassopoulos, Chiotis in his first pieces etc., and great singers such as Marika Ninou, Sotiria Bellou, Stella Chaskil, Prodromos Tsaousakis, etc.


Maria was born and raised in Crete. She studied Classical Philology and she has degree in Byzantine Music. She got interested in music and songwriting at a very early age, and that is how she became a singer. She became the lead singer of Hainides in 2000 on both their albums and at live shows. She has worked with many well-known artists from Greece and abroad, recording albums and doing joint performaces (Christos Konstantinou, Nikos Tatsopoulos, Manolis Pappos, Adonis Apergis, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Christos Tsiamoulis, Mariza Koch, Martha Frintzila, Vasilis Stavrakakis, Giorgos Xylouris, Dimitris Mystakidis, Giorgos Stavrakis to name but a few). She worked together with Giorgos Koumendakis on his opera The Murderess (Athens Concert Hall, 2014). She has attended courses in Bulgarian and Turkish song; she has collaborated with many traditional and popular groups both from Greece and from the wider region of the Balkans (Bulgaria, Turkey) and she is a founding member of the female vocal ensemble Sanades. She teaches and organises traditional-music seminars on Crete, in Athens, on Ikaria and elsewhere. She is mainly a popular musician and singer, with a technique that has been shaped both by carefully listening to the music of her island (Crete) and by her subsequent personal interest in world music (she made her recording debut with metal band Asphodel (vocals/composer/songwriter).



Floating in nowhere (Asphodel), 1997 – Fterougismata, 1999 – Stou kyklou ta gyrismata, 2000 – O ksypolitos prinkipas 2000 Deltio idiseon, 2002 – O kosmos pou onireftika, 2002 – Thlimmeno mou hamogelo, 2004 – O giteftis ke to Drakodonti, 2005 – Den ehi i agapi synora, 2005 – To skotino trygoni, 2006 – Ο Karagkiozis sti Eurovision, 2007 – Kano ti riza mou ftero, 2008 – I kathodos ton Saltibagon, 2008 – Odd set (Yurodny), 2008 – Eros anikate mahan, 2009 – Lei i zoi, 2009 – Agrotoktinotrofika kai mitropolitika, 2011 – Tribute to Giannis Tsatsopoulos, Osa hronia ki an persaoun, 2011 – Isos (Nikos Portokaloglou), 2012 – Tsi skepsis mou ta loulouda (Markos and Giorgos Konstantakis), 2012 – Tou erota ke tis monaxias (Ektoras Kiriakou), 2014 – Pera apo ta sinora, Psarantonis/Hainides/Mode Plagal/MLK, 2014 – Karpos (Giorgos Mavromanolakis), 2014 – Apo to fos ke to skotadi (Nikos Paraoulakis, Dimitris Papacharalambous), 2014 – To Hip Hop tis Mesogiou (Antipina & Social Waste), 2017. She is currently working on a brand-new personal album featuring some excellent artists from all over Greece.

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