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Percussion - Manousos Klapakis (Full)
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Dates: 9-14 July

Traditional Greek and Eastern Mediterranean percussion. Rhythm, techniques, instrumentation, multirhythms.


Manousis Klapakis was introduced to music and percussion at a very young age by his father, Michael Klapakis. Manousos is a graduate from the Pallini Music High School. He took violin lessons from Giannis Zevgolis and he studied Music Theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. He studied orchestral percussion with Konstantinos Vorisis and Kostas Theodorakos. Giorgos Gevgelis taught him how to play the davul. Manousos has been participating in music, dance and drama performances in Greece and abroad. He has collaborated with:

* Homer's Iliad (Athens Festival)
Nikos Mamagakis
the Greek Folk Music Association Domna Samiou
the Creo dance company (performance ''Apogeios'', under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture)
Τhe Lyceum Club of Greek Women
* Katerina Papadopoulou & the Anastatica project
Polis Ensemble (founding member)

He teaches percussion and rhythmology in conservatories (Athenaeum, Filippos Nakas) and in dance groups, with whom he also performs in Greece and abroad.

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