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Oud - Evgenios Voulgaris (Full)
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Dates: 9-15 July

This seminar will develop the technique of the oud through its role in the musical traditions, both rembetiko and Asia minor's songs as well as technical matters concerning the the musician's basic use of the instrument. Pieces from the above repertoire will be used and taught with special emphasis on methodology and how they are interpreted. Finally, given that the above musical traditions and the use of the oud are connected to the Makam theoretical system there will of course be a presentation of the meaning of Makam and much more, including an indication of its practical use in the interpretive thought of playing music whether that is in the composition or is concerned with the improvisation style known as taksimi.

The seminar is open to anyone who is interested regardless of level and will be in a workshop style with the intention of my interaction with the participants.


His interest in traditional music started in 1992, the year in which he finished his Byzantine-Music studies. As a multi-instrumentalist he repeatedly worked with major names and composers for live performances, studio recordings and TV appearances both in Greece and abroad. Since 1995, he is the leading mandolinist of the Orchestra of Colours. During his career, he has always had a weak spot for teaching music. He is currently a teacher at the Municipal Conservatory of Patras, where he is in charge of the Department of Traditional Instruments. He also runs the department of the same name at the School of Byzantine Music and Traditional Instruments, which operates under the auspices of Ilia’s Church in Pyrgos and Amaliada. He also teaches the oud, the yayli tambur, organology and the theory of Greek folk scales at the Department of Popular and Traditional Music (Technological Educational Institute of Epirus). Since 2006, he has been a regular teacher at the Labyrinth Musical Workshops in Crete, at the Music Village in Pilio and Cyprus and at the Musical Yards in Ikaria, while also doing many seminars upon invitation all over Greece and abroad.


In 2004, he released Taxidia (Wanderings), the first album under his own name, along with Dora Petridi. He also released To minima tou Prigkipa (The Message of the Prince), along with Christos Galanopoulos, and a self-titled album with the band Modal4 (with Thanos Gountanos, Pavlos Spyropoulos and Dimitris Tasoudis). He has also written music for theatre. His love for rebetiko lead both to a book titled To astiko laiko tragoudi stin Ellada tou Mesopolemou, published by Fagotto (in collaboration with Vassilis Vantarakis) and two albums: Apsilies, with Dimitris Mystakidis, Apostolos Tsardakas and Theodora Athanasiou, and Psithirizontas to rembetiko with Dimitris Mystakidis.


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