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Bouzouki - Fotis Vergopoulos
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Dates: 7-13 July
Lesson timetable: 17:00 - 20:00 (total of 21 hours)

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During this circle of lessons we will try to approach the bouzouki as a solistic instrument but not only.
Being really connected to the Greek folk tradition (rebetiko and laiko repertoire) , we are going to flirt with the idea of dealing with the bouzouki in the sense of a musical instrument that can approach other musical styles, always based on the bouzouki's journey so far.
We will also focus on the musical scales and rhythms of the greek folk music ( starting by analysing them and then practise them in real life on a song of rebetiko or laiko repertoire mainly) and the wider Eastern Mediterranean, based not only on the melodic analysis and presentation but also on the harmonisation of the scales. (Includes exercises of fingering, picking exercises, combination of those and ways to think in order to approach these techniques).
Inpsired by all the previous we will attempt to enter the magical word of improvisation (taximi) in two basic ways.
Free improvisation without musical accompaniment
During a musical piece
Fotis Vergopoulos was born on the 23/11/1988 in Melbourne, Australia. Before he even turned one his family relocated to his spiritual home in Koroni Messinias, Greece. His involvement with music comes at the young age of 6 with the main trigger being his father Nikos who was an inaugural member of the Apodimi Kompania who started off in Melbourne in the early 80’s.
After Fotis completes his year 12 studies, he returns to his birthplace and completes a Civil Engineering degree. During this time Fotis will really blossom into his musical journey and finds himself playing live at various venues and quite a few festivals (Brunswick Music Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival).
Since late 2012 he has returned to Athens. He is a member of Rebeti and the Vasilis Tsitsanis Orchestra. He has taken part in various festivals around Greece and around the world. He has collaborated with artists such as Babis Goles, Agathon Iakovidis, Manolis Pappos, Dimitra Galani, Martha Frintzila , Anatoli Margiola etc.

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