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Instrument making - Christos Spourdalakis
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Instrument making - Christos Spourdalakis
Dates: 9-15 July

Hour: mornings 11AM–2PM, evenings 6PM–9PM

In this year’s course of instrument making, theoretical and practical sides will coexist. Among other things, two caps will be constructed and attached to two ready bodies. During this process the various factors we should take into consideration while planning the desired sound result will be discussed thoroughly.

*  Introduction
* The tree as a living organism (summarily)
* The structure of wood (cellular – macrocellular description)
* Listing of woods – Description of their properties
* Relation moisture/wood
* Instruments of the lute family
* String instruments as sound producing mechanisms
* Understanding of the function of their parts
* Defining the adequacy of material for every part of an instrument [emphasis on the body, cap, beams, resonator]
* Helmholtz resonator
* Description of mechanical – static balance
* Sound predilection of various types of wood [practical reference through combining different kinds of wood in order to approach the desirable sound result]
* Display and evaluation of appropriate measuring and analyzing frequencies software
* Wood audibility agents and their practical application (on two bodies)
* Constructing caps in different ways of organizing the beams
* Process of attaching the cap to the body (on two bodies)
* Measuring and evaluating of the frequential findings
* Defining scales
* Basic designing principles [summarily description of older and newer designs]
* Natural varnishes [their role and importance, preparing impregnations, waterproofing and varnish mixture recipes application]
* Discussion on instrument making, its methods and types

For a smoother accomplishment of this year’s course, it is appropriate for all participants to have at least some basic knowledge/experience on the subject in order to conduct a more functional course, esp. in its most specialized chapters.


Christos Spourdalakis was born in Piraeus and started making instruments once he had graduated from secondary school, and he has been doing so for over forty years now. He was also a musician, but after thirteen years he decided to call it quits in order to focus entirely on the trade of musical instrument making. He has published many technical papers.

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