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Traditional dance - Nikos Patas & Eleni Drosou
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Dates: 9-15 July

In our fourth year at the Musical Yards, we aim to point out the importance of the team in dance, as well as the existence of common dancing techniques among the Greek folk dances.

Our first aim - the value of teamwork in dance - will be realised with the contribution of Kiriakos Gouventas, a genuine virtuose violin player with deep knowledge of the Greek violin tradition. This collaboration will conclude with a common presentation of tunes and dances from the Greek islands at the end of the seminars

The second, more technical goal of this workshop, consists in the study of anaparsis in the Greek folk dances (a word coming from the combination of the Greek words anapidisi and   arsi), a term which combines the notions of bounce and upbeat, two key features of the folk dancing tradition of Greece. We will explore the link between style and technique, always respecting the particular dancing identity of each region.


At the Musical Yards 2019, in Christos Rachon, where everything keeps dancing...


Nikos (Athens)

Nikos is a versatile and multidimensional dancer and dance teacher, with profound knowledge of Greek traditional dances and rhythms, with a degree in Mathematics (specialised in teaching) and many years of teaching experience. You can see his passion for dancing from the moment you check out style, his foot motions, but also the way he approaches teaching of the subject he loves so much. He has been both a dance teacher and a member of the professional dancing team at the Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre for many years now. Therefore, he now has whatever it takes to approach the technique of Greek traditional dance with respect for the particular style of every specific region. So whatever it is he does, he always approaches it in the best possible way. One of his major achievements as an organiser of dancing events was the Day Of Greece event at the Expo 2005 in Aichi (Japan). He is a choreographer and a dance-group co-ordinator, and his collaboration with percussionist Petros Kourtis resulted in an innovative, cultural folk project called Drum Voice Meets Zorba. He is both a lecturer at and co-organiser of the dance seminar To kamilari horevi in the south of Crete, and a dance teacher at countless associations and dance schools. His pure love for dancing has made him a very active member of various dance troupes, on top of his other responsibilities. His major collaborations as a dancer include the Pontian Association Argonautai Komninoi, with whom he participated in the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and the Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre. Since he has always been a restless and studious person, he always keeps participating in various workshops and dance classes all over Greece. Moreover, in order to broaden his musical knowledge, he is constantly taking part in traditional percussion classes, while also being a member of Agritheatiki Zygia, a traditional music group.


Eleni (Kos)

Eleni is a dancer and dance teacher with profound knowledge of Greek traditional dances. She graduated from the College of Sports Science with a specialty in folk dance. Beyond the Greek tradition, she loves dancing in general, which resulted in a professional DVIDA degree in Latin/Ballroom and Argentine Tango. She is an experienced teacher, both through her teachings of traditional dance at the Lyceum Club of Greek Women of Kos, and in Athens schools and folkloric organisations. All of this experience, along with her restless dancing spirit, inspired her to start her own dance school named Edo pou ksekina o horos (Here, where dancing begins), on the island of Kos. Some of her collaborations as a dancer: until 2006, she was a member of the professional team of the Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre, and she is still a member of the dance team of a folklore group called Kourites. She was one of the dancers at the Day Of Greece event at the Expo 2005 in Aichi (Japan). She is a choreographer for in the innovative, cultural folk project Drum Voice Meets Zorba, a collaboration with percussionist Petros Kourtis. She has taught at various dance seminars throughout Greece.


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