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Friday 31 May 2019

Dear friends /dear participants

Due to the Greek national elections announced for Sunday, July 7, we are forced to transfer the starting date of the Music Seminar of Ikaria “Musical Yards 2019” for two days. Consequently, while the original dates were 6-14 July, the new dates will be 8-16 July.

We are sorry for this change which may upset your plans, however it was impossible for us to observe the original dates since the electoral activity in our island will inevitably obstruct the smooth beginning of the Seminar during that weekend.

Besides this also, as organizers, although the change of dates meant a lot of work for us to reschedule the courses etc., we thought it wouldn’t be fair if our Seminar interfered with the elections and deprived from anyone his or her right to vote.

Thank you for your understanding.

See you in Ai Giannis on Monday, July, 8

The site will be updated on June 1.

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